Friday, February 18, 2011

Rangkaian lampu LED untuk motor (12 Volt battery)

Lamp type LED has several advantages compared with the usual light when the applied on a motorcycle. In addition to more efficient battery when compared with normal hologen lamps, LED also has several other advantages, such as light more evenly and provide a luxurious feel to the vehicle.

The following are examples of simple creations that you can apply to decorate your motorcycle using the LED.

Lampu LED Untuk MotorRangkaian Lampu LED Untuk Motor

For this circuit is recommended only as a replacement motorcycle brake lights or city lights with the electrical source from the battery. Indeed in the market has many available variations of LED lights that can be used as brake lights or disco lights, but maybe some people would be proud if his own creative, hopefully circuit schemes that we present above can assist you in creating.


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